The figure displays the filter settings window. Diagram AFC 1 of the filter to be calculated occupies the major portion of the window. Frequency axis is the horizontal axis of this diagram and gain axis is the vertical axis, which dimension can be in terms of times or decibels. Necessary AFC is constructing by the mouse. Diagram AFC consists of the reference points and straight lines connecting these reference points, at that the gain value between the reference points is calculated by linear approximation. AFC construction starts when adding new reference points by clicking the line (if the mouse cursor is over the reference point or line the cursor takes a hand form). Upon clicking the line new reference point appears, which can be moved both vertically and horizontally (except for the end reference points) but not longer than the adjacent reference points. For moving the reference point it is necessary to point it with the mouse cursor, which has to take a hand form and then left click and start moving the reference point in the selected direction when holding the left mouse button pressed. When moving the reference point the current coordinates will be shown on the status panel: gain and frequency factors. To delete the reference point it is sufficiently point it with the mouse cursor and left click when holding the Ctrl key pressed.

In the upper part of the filter settings window there is the tools panel. At the top of the tools panel there is a row of buttons 2 that allow undoing the changes inserted, reading the filter parameters from the file and saving the filter parameters in the file.

Button 3 determines dimension of the vertical axis if the button is pressed then the axis is in terms of decibels otherwise the axis is in terms of times.

Input field "Kmax" and "Кmin" 4 sets the limits of the vertical axis either in times or in decibels.

Button 5 determines zoom of the vertical axis: linear or logarithmic. If the button is pressed then the frequency axis is logarithmic otherwise it is linear.

Input field "Fmax" 6 is the maximum value of horizontal axis frequency.

Button 7 determines the filter settings and closes the work window.


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